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At Redgate, we design great user experiences,. That, after all, is what makes our software what we call ‘ingeniously simple’. Under the hood, there’s an awful lot of complicated stuff going on, so good UX is crucial in making the user experience itself easy and intuitive. That’s why UX designers are an essential part of every team and that’s probably why being a UX Designer at Redgate is so enjoyable.

Birds, Bees, and Honeycomb

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Had I ever been asked the question “What animal would you like to be and why?” (apparently it was a common interview brainteaser), I would have answered “A penguin”. I like water, I also like sardines. I don’t care much for flying (in fact, the older I get, the more frightening a prospect that... read more

What SQL Lighthouse beta, spaghetti sauce and The Mom Test have shown us about ways to deploy database changes

Spaghetti sauce and variation Note: SQL Lighthouse is now called DLM Dashboard.  There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the challenge of implementing an automated database deployment pipeline. This much has become very obvious as we have developed SQL Lighthouse (now DLM Dashboard), a database lifecycle management (DLM) dashboard and alerting system to help teams monitor... read more

Please stop! The 2 biggest mistakes when applying for a UX role

There’s no doubt about it – hiring can be a long and difficult process. Of all the applications you receive for a role, only a small percentage might actually be considered seriously for an interview. The reasons often range from the rather mundane (e.g. lack the required skills or experience) to those who seem... read more

User research- It’s Better as a Team Sport

User research is a team sport as many user research teams – particularly those working in agile development teams, such as the GDS User research team – have discovered. This discovery is perhaps due to the growing realisation that user research in the agile software development cycle has the greatest impact when it isn’t... read more

The unexpected consequences of compiling user feedback at collection

I’ve run plenty of face-to-face usability sessions, but since joining Redgate I’ve found myself having to run remote sessions. I’ve discovered a great technique and in doing so I have also stumbled upon some unexpected consequences of using it. Redgate has a vast user base, and it turns out that a significant portion of... read more

UX katas – Heuristic evaluation.

The “extended” UX team sharpening their swords… At Redgate, our software engineers run regular  “code katas”, workshops where developers practise their coding skills on simple problems, then discuss the experience afterwards as a learning exercise. So, a while ago, I thought it might be a good idea to use the same Kata principle on... read more