How monitoring can help keep your SQL Server estate secure

With greater risks from attacks on your data systems, and high security demands from regulation, monitoring is becoming a key part of your data security.

But just looking out for the known signs of an attack isn't enough.

Sometimes attacks are predictable and easy to spot, but often your assailants will be trying new and unusual approaches you may never have known to check for. To defend against this evolving threat you need a monitoring solution that doesn't just check against known attacks but also looks at a broad range of metrics so you can spot unusual patterns of activity anywhere and unearth hidden attacks.

Read to discover:

  • Why standard monitoring can still leave you vulnerable against novel or unusual attacks
  • How you can still find the hidden signs of these attacks with a broader surveillance approach to monitoring
  • What you need to set up this monitoring systems to spot, investigate, and stop attacks on your data

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Monitoring the activity and performance of SQL Server and resolving problems is time-consuming

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