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Minimize costs and increase the quality of your releases with small and light compliant clones of SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and MySQL databases

Microsoft SQL Server

Why Redgate Clone?

Save up to 99% storage space

Save time provisioning

Standardize & simplify across teams

Enable parallel work streams

Improve release quality

Shift testing left

Key benefits

Productivity up, costs down

Increase efficiency and minimize costs with small and light compliant clones of production

Minimize costs with copies of production-like data as small as just 100MB, no matter the size of the original database.

Increase efficiency with clones of controlled production-like data spun up in seconds, enabling parallel workstreams and eliminating the conflicts of shared environments.

Small and light clones allow you to quickly refresh testing and QA environments. Test, break, and retest with ephemeral clones of production to shorten development and testing cycles and ship software updates faster.

Better quality data for better quality releases

Increase the quality of your releases by shifting-left, bringing compliant production data into your lower environments & CI/CD pipeline

Find issues earlier in the development cycle when they’re cheaper and easier to fix by including quality, production-like data from the start (shifting-left). Shift-left testing results in better quality releases, reduces the frustrations of failed database deployments and late-stage failures, and decreases downtime.

Level-up by bringing the database into your CI/CD pipelines with easy-to-provision test data for automated dummy deployments. With Flyway Enterprise and Redgate Clone, automated tests hit real database instances with up-to-date test data.

Standardize and simplify tooling

Standardize practices across development teams no matter the RDBMS, for simple scalability and control

Multi-RDBMS support allows for standardized processes and technology across teams, including alignment with application developers working with containers. A single solution allows for a shared understanding of tools and technology. This helps improve set up of new work, scaling teams, or rotating team members.

With whole-instance provisioning, every clone is a perfect copy, including database version, operating system, and configuration, resulting in controlled and standardized test and development data. This ensures all teams are working on the same single source of data, improving the reliability of testing, supporting compliance, and making maintenance management easier.

Works with Redgate Data Masker

Redgate Clone can be used in conjunction with our masking functionality to create compliant copies of production, reducing the risk of data breaches, as well as supporting regulatory compliance.

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