There’s no place like home to join us at Redgate Streamed

Redgate is closely monitoring developments related to the COVID-19 outbreak and has already put in place measures to ensure the safety of our employees while still fully supporting our customers.

We back the decision many conference organisers have made, by postponing their events until later in the year or switching them to virtual events. However, we also appreciate that you may have been due to attend an upcoming conference and were interested in meeting up with the Redgate crew to talk about your IT team challenges and projects. We anticipate that you may have been looking forward to learning how our solutions can support you and your IT team.

Although you won’t be able to speak to us face-to-face at conferences while the pandemic situation unfolds, we’d like to assure you that we’re here and available to support you. At Redgate we’re committed to helping you deliver value quicker while keeping your data safe. As always, we want to do all we can to help you meet the demands of your business and better serve your end-users during this uncertain time.

We’d like to invite you to join us at Redgate Streamed

Redgate has been hosting virtual events for a number of years. We have vast experience running livestreams and webinars that enable Redgate customers and the Data Platform community across the globe to come together to learn virtually.

Our first livestream took place online in 2016 and we’ve come a long way since. All of our nine previous livestream virtual events that broadcast live to thousands of virtual attendees are available to watch on-demand any time. While our next livestream event was still in the planning stages, we’re reacting to the current situation and have decided to host a livestream sooner than originally planned.

You and your team can join in with Redgate Streamed at a time that suits you between April 1 – 3. There will be a series of virtual touch points to keep you engaged and all of the content will be available for free after the event, to consume at any time.

Redgate’s Advocates and solution teams who were due to be at SQLBits, the largest Data Platform conference in Europe, will be on hand to host the informative sessions they were due to present. They’ve also been joined by other SQLBits speakers, who are Partners and Friends of Redgate, to present a range of other sessions as well.

What to look out for on Day 1

Wednesday April 1, 2020, 2-7pm BST / 8am-1pm Central / 6am-11am Pacific

  • Use Git for database code: From cheat sheets to Pull Requests
    Kendra Little, MVP & DevOps Advocate
  • Database DevOps with Containers
    Rob Richardson, Microsoft Cloud & Datacenter Management MVP
  • Blogging and writing for the Tech Professional
    Steve Jones, MVP & SQLServerCentral Editor
    Kathi Kellenberger, MVP & Simple Talk Editor
  • Learn to effectively use Extended Events
    Grant Fritchey, MVP and PASS Past President
  • How database DevOps levels up remote work
    Panel discussion with speakers

What to look out for on Day 2

Thursday April 2, 2020, 2-7pm BST / 8am-1pm Central / 6am-11am Pacific

  • Protect your data by design: Creating a data masking strategy
    Chris Unwin, Redgate Data Privacy & Protection Specialist
  • Shortcuts from an impatient DBA
    Andy Mallon, MVP & Founder of BostonSQL
  • The basics of unit tests with tsqlt
    Steve Jones, MVP and SQLServerCentral Editor
  • SQL Injection: How it works, how to stop it
    Grant Fritchey, MVP and PASS Past President
  • How to learn automation in Azure DevOps
    Panel discussion with speakers, plus Cathrine Wilhelmsen, MVP & Azure Data Engineer Associate

What to look out for on Day 3

Friday April 3, 2020, 2-7pm BST / 8am-1pm Central / 6am-11am Pacific

  • SQL Notebooks in Azure Data Studio for the DBA
    Rob Sewell, Microsoft Cloud and Data Center Management MVP
  • Convince the DBA to support DevOps
    Grant Fritchey, MVP and PASS Past President
  • An introduction to Intelligent Query Processing
    Kathi Kellenberger, MVP and Simple Talk Editor
  • Index tuning in an agile world
    Kendra Little, MVP and DevOps Advocate
  • The future of database Administration and Development
    Panel discussion with speakers

Join us and make the most of our latest virtual event

Our experience tells us that a virtual event just can’t replace the value you’d get from an in-person event. However, with the technology available, there are things we can do to help you enjoy an interactive experience, should you want it.

We’ll be using the following technology during the week, to give you the opportunity to connect with Redgaters, speakers and other attendees virtually:

We hope you enjoy this new experience coming to you from Redgate. While we appreciate it’s not a match for replacing the live-events experience, we hope Redgate Streamed will provide the opportunity to come together to connect with others who are in the same situation as you, learn from each other and experts, and feel connected during this period.

As we won’t be attending SQL Bits this March, we’re donating the budget we would have spent to help the World Health Organisation’s COVID-19 response fund. For every registration attendee during Redgate streamed, we’ll also donate a further US$1.

Register today and join us at Redgate Streamed