Discover database DevOps and more at PASS Summit

PASS Summit lands in Seattle from October 31 to November 3 this year, bringing with it the latest thinking and developments in the SQL Server world. Redgate is a Gold sponsor and we’ll be there, talking about database DevOps and other topics. Look out in particular for:

How DevOps for the database helps with compliance

3.15pm, Wednesday, November 1, Skagit 4 (TCC Lower Level)

More and more software teams are turning to DevOps to enable them to deliver value to the business and their customers more quickly. Environments, databases and frequency of change are all on the increase, as is the need to be compliant with a growing number of regulations and policies governing the use of data. So what should database teams do: slow delivery down or accelerate the oversight?

In this session, Redgate Product Manager Richard Macaskill shows how a DevOps approach to the database – including the automated provisioning, testing, deploying, monitoring and desensitizing of databases – is actually an essential component of compliance, not a barrier.

Adopting a DevOps process for your databases

1.30pm, Wednesday, November 1, Room 615

DevOps is changing today’s software development world by helping us build better software, faster. However most of the knowledge and experience with DevOps is based around application software and ignores the database.

Data Platform MVP Steve Jones examines how the concepts and principles of DevOps can be applied to database development by looking at both automated comparison analysis as well as migration script management. Automated building, testing, and deployment of database changes will be shown.

Using PowerShell to manage your Azure databases

1.30pm, Thursday, November 2, Room 6E

Moving your databases to the cloud by implementing Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Data Warehouse can be challenging. These challenges are exacerbated by the fact that you simply don’t have as much tooling available to manage and maintain your databases. Enter PowerShell. Through the use of PowerShell, you can much more easily maintain your Azure databases. Further, once you start using PowerShell to maintain the databases, you’ll be able to automate a lot more processes within your Azure environment.

In this session, Data Platform MVP Grant Fritchey provides you with the core knowledge to create your own PowerShell scripts, and gives you a set of foundation scripts from which you can build your own. You don’t have to feel limited on what you can do just because you’re on Azure. PowerShell will empower you to get more done within your Azure database environment.

Women’s Voices from the Data Platform

1.30pm,Thursday, November 2, Skagit 4 (TCC Lower Level)

Women’s voices are often drowned out in the business world. In meetings, women are interrupted at three times the rate of men and their contributions are minimized. Their credentials and authority are frequently called into question.

The Let Her Finish series of books was created to give women a platform, guaranteed to be uninterrupted. Join Simple Talk Editor Kathi Kallenberger and the other six female authors of the first book in the series, Voices from the Data Platform, as they discuss why this book was so important, how women’s voices are often drowned out and strategies to take back your voice.


Indexing Deep Dive for Beginners

 3.15pm,Thursday, November 2, 606

To a beginner, indexes may seem like magic. The right index can drastically reduce query time. But, how do you know which indexes are the right ones? SQL Server will suggest helpful indexes in the graphical execution plan and with the Database Engine Tuning Advisor, but follow that advice with caution. This session will explain how indexes work and how to tune and maintain indexes so that your application has the best performance.

Redgate Rocks Party

7.30pm-10:30pm, Thursday, November 2, 1927 Events, 1927 3rd Ave, Seattle, WA

We’ll be hosting the Redgate Rocks party again during PASS Summit. Head to the Redgate booth to pick up your #RedgateRocks ribbon. Just show your badge and ribbon at the door on the night to get yourself into the hottest SQL party in town. On arrival, you’ll get a drinks ticket that you can exchange at the bar for your choice of drink. They’ll be food available during the evening, as well as fun interactive games happening, with awesome prizes to be won.

Once again, we’re really looking forward to welcoming first-timers, alumni attendees, Friends of Redgate, speakers, and MVPs.

Lightning talks

Tuesday, October 31 to Friday, November 3, Booth #202, Expo Hall

And finally, Redgate’s booth #202 in the Expo Hall will also be featuring a range of short Lightning Talks on database DevOps and how Redgate’s portfolio of database tools can be used to introduce and optimize every stage of the process. Visit the booth to find out more.

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