Further your PostgreSQL knowledge at PASS Data Community Summit 2023

As the adoption of different database platforms and technologies expand, more and more DBAs are supporting multiple database platforms. More than any other database, PostgreSQL is a central part of that transition. 

Whether you are new to PostgreSQL, want to build on what you’ve learnt from the PostgreSQL 101 series, or perhaps you’re a PostgreSQL pro; there are plenty of opportunities to learn, share and connect at this year’s PASS Summit, November 14th – 17th 

PostgreSQL learning

Learning Pathway 

New for 2023 is the PostgreSQL learning pathway; a curated set of sessions that will cover some foundational concepts for PostgreSQL to give you a head start in your learning journey. 

The pathway includes: 


A PASS Summit Pre-Con is a full day of learning with a recognized expert in the industry. There are plenty of pre-cons to choose from this year, but as you’re reading this article, you might be particularly interested in ‘PostGIS and PostgreSQL: GIS Data, Queries, and Performance’ with Ryan Lambert.  

Ryan has worked professionally with PostgreSQL, PostGIS and OpenStreetMap for more than a decade and will be on-hand throughout the day to answer any questions. You’ll also be learning alongside your peers, who are likely solving similar challenges, giving you the chance to share ideas and solutions


As well as a bumper learning pathway and pre-con, between the 15th & 17th of November (the main event), there are over 150 sessions to attend.  

I’ve picked out just some of the PostgreSQL talks I’m excited about: 

  1. Running PostgreSQL in a Kubernetes Cluster: CloudNativePGwith Nick Ivanov 
  2. How to get Involved with Postgres without being a PG Expertwith Claire Giordano 
  3. Indexes – Contrast & Compare PostgreSQL to SQL Serverwith Kevin Kline 
  4. Demystify Migrating SQL Server to Aurora PostgreSQL – Dustin Brown 
  5. Exploring Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL – Jean Joseph 
  6. Professional PostgreSQL Scheduling Made Easy – Pavlo Golub 


Feel ready to take your PostgreSQL learning a step further?  

Register for your ticket and join your peers at PASS Data Community Summit in Seattle this November. See you there! 


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