Further your PostgreSQL knowledge at PASS Data Community Summit 2024

As the adoption of different database platforms and technologies expand, more and more DBAs are supporting multiple database platforms. More than any other database, PostgreSQL is a central part of that transition.

Whether you are new to PostgreSQL, want to build on what you’ve learnt from the PostgreSQL 101 series and our PostgreSQL learning resources hub, or perhaps you’re already a PostgreSQL pro; there are plenty of opportunities to learn, share and connect at this year’s PASS Summit, November 4 – 8.

Learning Pathway 

Following on from our introduction of the PostgreSQL learning pathway at last year’s PASS Summit, we’ve curated a set of sessions that will cover some foundational concepts for PostgreSQL to give you a boost on your learning journey.

The pathway includes:


A PASS Summit pre-conference session (or pre-con) is a full day of learning with a recognized expert in the industry. There are plenty of pre-cons to choose from this year, but since you’re reading this article you might be particularly interested in ‘PostgreSQL Fundamentals for SQL Server Developers’ with Grant Fritchey and Ryan Booz.

Grant is a Data Platform MVP with over 30 years’ experience in IT, including time spent in support and development. And Ryan has been working as a PostgreSQL advocate, developer, DBA and product manager for more than 20 years, primarily working with time-series data on PostgreSQL and the Microsoft Data Platform.

Based on a new book from Redgate by Grant and Ryan, this pre-con will introduce you to the similarities and differences of PostgreSQL compared to SQL Server. Both Grant and Ryan will be on-hand throughout the day to answer any questions. You’ll also be learning alongside your peers, who are likely solving similar challenges, giving you the chance to share ideas and solutions.

Even better, attendees of this pre-con session will receive a free copy of the book!


As well as the bumper learning pathway and pre-con, between November 4-8 (the main conference), there are over 150 sessions to attend.   

I’ve picked out just some of the PostgreSQL talks I’m excited about:  

  1. MSSQL and PostgreSQL Similarities and Differences for the SQL Server DBA – with Rick Lowe 
  1. The Accidental PostgreSQL Database Administrator: How I Did It – with William Mentaze  
  1. Can SQL Server DBAs/Developers Tune Queries in PostgreSQL? – with Janis Griffin  
  1. Leveraging PostgreSQL and PGVector for Advancing with Test Data – with Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman and Steve Karam 
  1. Optimizing SQL Server and PostgreSQL for Power BI – with Eugene Meidinger 
  1. Importance of PostgreSQL Vacuum Tuning to Optimize Database Performance – with Suyog Pagare 


Feel ready to take your PostgreSQL learning to the next level?   

Register for your ticket and join your peers at PASS Data Community Summit in Seattle this November. See you there!  


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