Managing environments in DLM Dashboard

DLM Dashboard is a free tool that lets you track schema changes as they progress through the different stages of your database lifecycle. With DLM Dashboard you can start to get a much better picture of your workflow and see where you might need to take remedial action.

DLM Dashboard categorizes your databases by environment to distinguish between different stages in the workflow. Initially, we created five default categories and named them Development, Integration, Testing, Acceptance, and Production.

However, we’ve since heard from users who didn’t have this exact set-up and wanted more flexibility. For some, Development and Integration might happen in the same environment; for others, different names are used such as QA instead of Testing. or Staging instead of Acceptance.

Being able to configure and rename categories was one of the most requested features on UserVoice. So that’s what the latest release of DLM Dashboard gives you.

With DLM Dashboard 1.7.4, you can now hide unused categories from the Pipeline view and enter new names for any of the categories to override the default:

You can now manage DLM Dashboard environments across pipelines

This means you can now set up DLM Dashboard to better reflect your own environment, view only the categories you care about, and make sure everyone in your team will recognize them by name.

Download the latest edition and get in touch if you have any feedback on these changes.

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