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Solving Visual Studio database delivery problems with ReadyRoll

For .NET developers working with Visual Studio (VS), the introduction of Database Projects with SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) brought to VS the ability to manage changes to the database schema and code objects, just like any other type of application code. An added advantage is that the declarative style of SSDT’s project files lends... read more

Deploying Entity Framework code first migrations with T-SQL

If you’ve reached the point where the DB change management approach of Code First migrations is no longer meeting your deployment needs, it might be time to consider moving to a change script-based approach. This week’s ReadyRoll release introduced a simple integration with Code First that allows you to continue modelling your database using... read more

How FlexiGroup uses ReadyRoll

FlexiGroup is a diversified financial services group providing point of sale interest free, no interest ever, leasing, vendor programs, interest free cards and other payment solutions to consumers and businesses. We talk to Damian Haynes, Senior Application Developer at FlexiGroup, about why his team selected ReadyRoll as their database change management tool. How did... read more

Transaction-handling techniques in T-SQL deployments

This question was recently posed by one of our customers: [crayon-5952020a2631a423115992/] For the most part, we have resisted putting excess structure around the way that changes are deployed to your database. Unlike database projects that use the declarative-style of deployment, which work by synchronizing a source-controlled model of your schema to a target database,... read more

Switching branches using drift correction

Last month I wrote about how drift correction can be used to keep track of changes that have been made outside of your established change management process. In that post I used the example of a DBA making a change directly to the Production environment. In this post we will look at how to... read more

Staying In-sync with drift correction

Getting everyone in a team behind a process change is hard. As a database developer, not only do you need to champion the new process within your own team, but you also need to extend the olive branch to your DBA to ensure everyone is on-board with the changes. This is where you may... read more

Deployment previews with Octopus

Today’s release brings a new feature aimed at making database deployments more transparent. ReadyRoll 1.5 adds a number of details about your schema changes to the release contents screen in Octopus, including which migration scripts are pending deployment (if any), and a list of objects that are affected by those scripts. How it works... read more