SQL Data Mask: new masking features, constants and composition

SQL Data Mask is the latest prototype to come out of Foundry, Redgate’s research and development division. It copies your database while anonymizing personal data. You can use it to mask your databases right now, free of charge, so download the latest on-premises version.

We’re working closely with a select group of people who are helping us test and iterate this solution; our goal is to make sure SQL Data Mask is able to satisfy your masking requirements.

New masking features

Over the last few weeks we have introduced new masking features that are more flexible than the default masks.


You can now define a constant value for a column field that will be used in all rows of that column.

data masking 1


The first iteration of the composition mask allows you to compose multiple masking types together. In this example you can create an email address by composing 4 different steps.

  1. First Name mask
  2. Constant “.” mask
  3. Last Name mask
  4. Constant “@example.com” mask
data masking 2

What’s next for data masking?

As we move forward we expect this composition workflow to allow you to reference other column values. Other masking features we’re considering are:

  • Constraints: The value of a column depends on values of another column (eg, start date should never be after end date)
  • Ranges: Allow the ability to define the range of values or dates
  • Offsets: Allow the ability of offsetting many dates at random

Coming soon

We’re increasing the development effort on SQL Data Mask. More on this coming soon.

Are we heading in the right direction? Help us shape what data masking by Redgate should look like. We’re always available to talk, either by email, or via the red chat link at the bottom right of the Foundry Labs page.