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What's Redgate Foundry working on?

Future of DevOps


The move towards practicing DevOps and micro-services architecture is gathering pace. The development and deployment of application code is faster today than it's ever been. The database is fast becomming the bottleneck. But there's more at stake with a database deployment. We're developing technology to help the speed and safety of database development and deployment rival the application code.


8.Aug.2018 💭 Concept in development

Provisioning a production-like database should be fast and easy. We're developing a concept to make that possible with zero infrastructure overhead.

Take a look at what we're calling "Spawn".

Learn about Spawn

Cross-platform data tools

With the recent announcement of SQL Operations Studio (Preview), we're pleased to be able to talk about our research into cross-platform data tools (we had to be a little quiet whilst it was under wraps).

We're looking into the feasibility of making our software available in SQL Operations Studio. If you're considering a switch to SQL Operations Studio or would like to use data tools across different platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux), we'd like to talk to you.

SQL Ops Studio

01.Mar.2018 ⌨️ SQL Ops Studio Extension

We're putting the final touches to the first phase of our prototype SQL Operations Studio extension - enhanced object search.


User audit

Today, the issue of data security is becoming more prevalent. Meeting regulations, both existing and new consumes time in IT departments.

We’re researching the way that these requirements impact on your development and data management practices. Our aim is to understand how Redgate technology could improve the way your organisation *prepares and executes audit activities, particularly managing SQL Server permissions.

Audit and compliance

01.Jun.2018 🚀 Try SQL Census for free

Easily understand and report who's got access, what permissions they have and how they got them with a 30-day free trial of SQL Census.

Get started

Getting started guide | New features


Data classification and discovery

As organisations begin to hold more and more data, the task of understanding what information is being held, how sensitive or business critical it is and importantly how it's being used compared to the permission granted when collecting it.

We're investigating the impact that regulation is having on the need to be able to understand and document this data.

Data Classification

01.Feb.2018 🚀 Product available!

Map your data estate for personally-identifiable information, ensure the correct controls are in place to protect your data and prove compliance for the GDPR, HIPAA, and SOX

Get Data Privacy and Protection

SQL Server Asset Management

It’s never been easier for people in your organization to spin up servers and databases at will, meaning your organization can move faster. But it’s also getting more difficult to make sure those assets turn up on your radar to be able to look after them.

The aim of this research project is to understand the consequences of not knowing what assets make up your SQL Server estate (for you and for your organisation), and to learn more about how we could help contribute towards your strategies for dealing with this problem.

SQL Server Asset Management

12.May.2017 💭 Concept demo available

Covering discovery, data collection and change detection we've created a concept demo to explore the core problem.

Explore the concepts

Data masking

We're currently working on technology to improve the management of sensitive data, and synthesize more realistic data.

Help us create something that meets your data masking requirements.

Masking Picture

01.Oct.2017 🚀 Product available

After ten months of research, we're pleased to say that Redgate SQL Data Masker is now available.

Get SQL Data Masker

Data Platform Studio

Easily migrate data from an on-premise SQL Server into Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Data Platform Studio makes your first data migration into Azure SQL Data Warehouse simple. We make intelligent choices that guarantee your data is migrated successfully first time.

That's less time worrying about migrating data and more time to evaluate Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Data Platform Studio

03.Jun.2016 🚀 Beta launched!

Anyone with an Azure account can now use DPS to upload an on-premise SQL Server database to Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Give it a try and let us know what you think...

Begin an upload

About Foundry

Foundry is Redgate's product research and development division. Based in Cambridge, UK, we're responsible for delivering the newest products and technology for professionals using the Microsoft Data Platform.

How does Foundry work?

Projects in Foundry begin life in different ways. Sometimes they're things we've been thinking about for a while, sometimes it's a request we've heard from our customers and sometimes it's just some great new technology we want to try out.

Each project progresses through Foundry's four-stage product development process. At each stage the Foundry team is exploring the scope and potential for Redgate to develop a product.

Foundry team

Foundry Team - David


Foundry Team - Santiago


Foundry Team - Alex


Foundry Team - Chris


Foundry Team - Jonny


Foundry Team - David



1. Research

In this phase we're usually trying to wrap our heads around concepts that are new to us.


2. Concept

Once we've understood the scenario, we build some interactive concepts that explore potential Redgate solutions to the problems we've uncovered.


3. Prototype

Once we're confident we've got a valid solution and a good reason to invest development effort, we create a working prototype.


4. Beta

When the prototype is sufficiently developed, we open up access to the product in a Beta phase. At the end of a successful Beta phase, the product graduates into Redgate's offering.