11 professional growth sessions to attend at PASS Data Community Summit 2023

We recently rounded up the top Cloud and the top Postgres sessions that we’re excited to attend at PASS Data Community Summit 2023. The beauty of Summit is that there is way more to learn than just the technical! There are lots of sessions designed to help support your career in other ways – in fact there’s a whole track, called Professional Development, dedicated to it 

Here are some sessions that we think you’ll want to add to your schedule – and a heads up that you can now do this on the website or on the app in advance of your time in Seattle.  


  1. Enhancing your Career: Building your Personal Brand – James Serra
    “I will discuss how you too can go from unknown to well-known. I will talk about building your community presence by blogging, presenting, writing articles and books, twitter, LinkedIn, certifications, interviewing, networking, and consulting and contracting. Your first step to enhancing your career will be to attend this session!”
  2. Speaking and Community Involvement for the Introvert – Pat Wright
    “I’m here to talk about the introvert inside of me and how I quiet it just enough to truly improve my life… The audience for this presentation is anyone that would like to be an expert in the industry and would want to worry less about the future employment opportunities.”
  3. Women in Technology: Got your Back, Finding Allies at Work – This is a panel taking place over lunch on Wednesday, lunch will be provided.
    “Discover typical obstacles that women encounter in the workplace and who can help to overcome these obstacles – as well as how everyone can be a better ally.”
  4. 7 Simple Strategies to Combat Imposter Syndrome – Amy Abel
    “Do you feel like a fraud, and you question your abilities to do your job? This is imposter syndrome, and you are not alone. The truth is most women in tech have experience with this. In this session, I will cover the signs of imposter syndrome and how it can impact your career. Then I will cover some strategies that have helped me overcome imposter Syndrome throughout my career.”
  5. Amplify your Experience: How to Start Writing and Speaking – Tony Davis and Tonie Huzier
    “Join technical writer and speaker Tonie Huizer and accomplished writer, speaker and editor Tony Davis as they inspire and guide you on how to share your technical expertise with the community.”
  6. Team Wisdom: Share, Guide, Collaborate & Grow – Mikey Bronowski 
    “In today’s fast-paced work environment, effective knowledge-sharing is crucial for a team’s success and growth. Yet, many teams struggle with suboptimal practices and missed opportunities that can limit their potential. In this session, I’ll explore common pitfalls in knowledge-sharing, such as hoarding information, lack of documentation, and ineffective communication. I will discuss how to recognize and overcome these challenges.”
  7. Communicating With Different People in Different Ways – Andy Galbraith
    “Come learn tips and tricks for how to deal with people of diverse roles and varying skill levels via different types of communication via a variety channels, including the benefits and drawbacks of each in specific situations. Everyone has to communicate with someone, so everyone is welcome at this session!”
  8. Magnetic Leadership: Pulling the Best out of Everyone – Elena Marquetti-Ali
    “The goal is for each attendee to walk away knowing: 1. How to lead with an increased knowledge of emotional intelligence 2. How to attract the best staff 3. How to develop team members into magnetic leaders.”
  9. Perf Tune your Life with Atomic Habits – Tracy Boggiano
    “This session, inspired by ‘Atomic Habits’ and sprinkled with some database humor, will explore how to optimize our path to success by treating daily habits like well-indexed systems. Expect a healthy dose of SQL puns and an exciting journey from SELECTing goals to INSERTing effective habits.”
  10. Break the Bias: Women in Tech – with Nickoria Johnson
    “Bias is real and many companies struggle to find, support, and empower women in technology. Women and organizations play a part in how to continue to close the gender equity gap and to forward women in their careers in technology. This session is full of data, storytelling, and advice for everyone to help break the bias in the workplace.”
  11. Managing Diverse and Technical Teams – with Dale Sullenberger
    “In this session, we will openly discuss various scenarios that can be faced by the new or experienced leader in an ever changing environment. I will share some experiences of things that went well and some that did not over my career in leadership roles, from managing restaurants, a team in the military, and various lead, manager, and director roles within different technical level IT teams. We will discuss different leadership styles to apply to your own situation.” 


Once you’ve added your favorite sessions from above to your schedule, be sure to check out the Community Zone!

Summit is all about the people who make it what it is, and in our dedicated Community Zone we’ll have some longstanding members of the community delivering some ‘Professional Power Hour’ sessions that are not to be missed. Here’s a flavor: 

Journey to Management 

Join Chris Yates & Kellyn Gorman for a Professional Power Hour in the Community Zone, focused on their journey to management. Learn from their experiences as they share their successes and hard-earned lessons along the way. 

Meet a Mentor

Are you looking to connect with a mentor in the community? Or perhaps you’re keen to connect with a mentee that you can offer some support and guidance to? Maybe you’re a first-timer at Summit and would like to meet a ‘buddy’ for the week? Join us on Thursday morning in the Community Zone and get to know some new faces in the awesome data community.

Career Change

Join Kathi Kellenberger and Kendra Little for a Professional Power Hour in the Community Zone, focused on navigating a career change. Learn from their experiences, successes, and discover their top-tips for making a change in your own career. 

PASS Data Community Summit is happening in person in Seattle, November 14-17 2023. We hope to see you there!
For pricing and ticket options, please see this page.