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How to generate realistic text data using SQL Data Generator

SQL Data Generator (SDG) is very handy for making a database come alive with what looks something like real data, and, once you specify the empty database, it will do its level best to oblige. To get the best results though, you need to provide SDG with some hints on how the data ought... read more

Generating realistic dates using SQL Data Generator and Python

When you’re generating test data, you have to fill in quite a few date fields. By default, SQL Data Generator (SDG) will generate random values for these date columns using a datetime generator, and allow you to specify the date range within upper and lower limits. This is fine, generally, but occasionally you need... read more

How to start producing realistic test data with SQL Data Generator

Many organizations invest heavily in their User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environments, setting up infrastructures that mimic the production environment, often using replicated production data. This is important because it means they can perform acceptance testing as well as security testing, performance testing, error-handling testing, and stress/load testing in production-like conditions, and so be confident... read more