Get a simpler view of SQL Server access and meet best practice

  • Make your permissions more manageable
  • See who has access to your data
  • Maintain a compliant security model

With a single click, SQL Census inspects your server and database logins, enumerates their Active Directory users and group memberships, and lists all the users in your organization that can access them.

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What we're working on

Discover and understand who has database access

Visualize who has access and how

SQL Census inspects your server logins and database users, including Active Directory, and reports what they have access to and how they inherited that access.

Apply principle of least privilege across all servers

Apply principle of least privilege across all servers

Get access recommendations over time, based on user’s and login’s historical usage. Review larger estates to make access more manageable.

Avoid obsolete access

Avoid obsolete access

Grant and keep track of temporary user access. Understand when access is no longer needed.

Latest release

Version 0.3.4 Released: March 11th, 2019

Current Features

  • Grouped 237 different SQL Server permissions into capability tiers to make it easy to spot the most privileged users
  • Inspect your server and database logins
  • Enumerate Active Directory users and group memberships
  • Export permissions report into CSV file for auditing/historical documenting purposes
  • Ability to rework directly-assigned, discrete user permissions into a maintainable and best-practice security model, without changing effective access rights

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With your help, we aim to solve the challenge of maintaining a secure and simple SQL Server security model.

We’d like to work closely with you to:

  • Understand how you’re managing day-to-day permissions across your estate, and the pains of keeping your estate secure in an increasingly scrutinized environment
  • Get you up and running with the latest release of SQL Census, our permissions management solution, and talk with you about our current roadmap
  • Create an opportunity for you to work with our developers and influence the end solution and our roadmap

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