What to Watch Live at Redgate Streamed Global – a Guide By Time Zone

Next week we'll be bringing you a live, free global training event held across many time zones. Here's the scoop on what you can watch live from your location.

Today, I’m working away on my session for next week’s free Redgate Streamed event.

I’ll be sharing Real World DevOps Challenges at 1 pm CEST (Berlin’s time zone, my friends)/ noon BST (that’s “British Summer Time”) /  7 AM EDT (New York City & Friends).

My US friends are thinking… “Um, Kendra, 7 am EDT ain’t a good time for me… do I get the recordings?”

I’m pretty sure “Do We Get the Recordings?” the question of the year for tech folks trying to make life work these days.

Yes, by registering you get not only an invitation to watch the event live, but you will also automatically get an email with a link to watch the event recording on-demand afterward.

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What to watch live from Europe, Australia, and New Zealand

This global event starts off at 7 AM CEST (Berlin) / 3 PM AEST (Brisbane) with DevOps Q&A with Damian Brady. Damian Brady is a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft. He will be joined by the ever-entertaining and clever Hamish Watson, so bring your questions and expect the unexpected!

At 8 AM CEST (Berlin) / 4 PM AEST (Brisbane), tune in for Quadrants That Describe Your Data Culture by Rob Farley. I think this is an absolutely brilliant concept for a session, and if anyone can pull off this topic, it’s Rob. Check out the abstract:

Business people seem to really love quadrants, and that includes the stakeholders at your customers. Whether it’s the Ability to Execute v Completeness of Vision quadrants that we see from Gartner or comparing the importance v urgency of items on our to-do lists, there’s something magical about positioning things in a quadrant system. Data is no different here, so this session explores some practical quadrants that can help you address various situations that you and/or your customers might be in, in a format that the stakeholders you need to convince might appreciate.

This is a little early for me, but I may be able to listen from my phone as I do morning chores and perhaps walk some doggos.

Meanwhile, we in the UK are waking up and finishing our coffee or tea

At 9 AM BST (London) / 10 AM CEST (Berlin) /  6 PM AEST (Brisbane) we have Data Privacy and Security for 2020 and Beyond by Martin Catherall.

This is followed by:

  • 10 AM BST (London) / 11 AM CEST (Berlin) – DevOps Culture Roundtable with Hamish Watson
  • 11 AM BST (London) / Noon CEST (Berlin) – Coding from Scratch: a Realtime Azure Data and AI Pipeline with Steph Locke
  • Noon BST (London) 1 PM CEST (Berlin) – Real World DevOps Challenges (from me!)

Good morning, North America!

For early starters on the east coast of the USA and Canada, we have some sessions for you which also work for those of us in the UK and Europe:

  • 8:30 AM EDT (NYC) / 2:30 PM CEST (Berlin) – Clone all the Things: How Database Clones can Enable Faster Delivery of Value in your DevOps Pipeline by Chris Unwin
  • 9:30 AM EDT (NYC) / 3:30 PM CEST (Berlin) – Panel discussion – Hybrid Data Management: On and Off Premises Data
  • 10:15 AM EDT (NYC) / 4:15 PM CEST (Berlin) – SQL Server DevOps: Getting Started by Scott Sauber
  • 10:45 AM EDT (NYC) / 4:45 PM CEST (Berlin) – Flyway 101 by Chris Unwin

Spoiler: everyone’s favorite sessions start as the West Coast of North America comes online

We’ve got to have some awesome content for our West Coasters! If there’s two things I know SQL Server peeps love to talk about, it’s SQL Prompt and Extended Events…

  • 8:15 AM PDT (Los Angeles) / 11:15 AM EDT (NYC) / 4:15 PM BST (London) – SQL Prompt Tips and Tricks with Kathi Kellenberger
  • 9 AM PDT (Los Angeles) / Noon EDT (NYC) – Answering Questions with Extended Events with Grant Fritchey

Following this, we have a session from one of my very favorite Redgaters, Stephanie Herr. Fun fact: Stephanie was part of the team who did the original pitch at Redgate to build a solution to help people version control their databases, years ago. She knows so much about database DevOps, and now she’s bringing that knowledge to Oracle.

  • 10 AM PDT (Los Angeles) / 1PM EST (NYC) – Compliant Database DevOps for Oracle with Stephanie Herr

Following this we round out the day with a Q&A session for North America…

Join us for a drink and a pub quiz!

At the end of the day, Chris Unwin and I will be hosting a virtual quiz.

The quiz kicks off at 1PM PDT (Los Angeles) / 4PM EDT (NYC) / 9PM BST (London).

Register to join us

Here is that handy sign-up link again — and yes, by registering you automatically get the recordings.