The Flyway Engine, OSS (Open-Source Software) and Redgate

Like a lot of successful Open-Source projects, Flyway is mainly developed by a team of full-time engineers at Redgate, which acquired Flyway a few years ago. As with many of its peers, Flyway’s development is funded by having paid tiers and capabilities beyond the open-source version. One of the benefits of being part of Redgate is that Flyway enjoys access to tools and developers from across the breadth of Redgate’s DB DevOps suite.

For a long time, Flyway has always come in two versions : Community and Teams, Teams being the paid version and Community being free – both derived from the open-source code base. We have been adding components to Community that we are not able to make OSS and so this article will cover some of the changes that we’re making to the way we distribute Flyway over the next few months…

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