Whatever happened to Azure Explorer?

Some time ago, Redgate created the free Microsoft Azure storage tool, Azure Explorer. It’s a neat solution that lets users manage all of their Azure blobs in one place, reliably upload and download them through its responsive UI, transfer them between storage accounts, and easily search and filter blobs.

While it sat outside Redgate’s portfolio of database development and management solutions, in a kind of niche of its own, it was a popular download. Without a development team behind it to take it further, however, it was languishing and we didn’t feel good about that.

Step in Monza Cloud

Monza Cloud are the people behind AzStudio, a tool that speeds up the development of Microsoft Azure applications and typically reduces development time by 40-60%. They have deep experience in delivering solutions around cloud-centric application development and addressing the unique needs of cloud-centric DevOps challenges. The kind of experience that a tool like Azure Explorer requires in order for it to be developed further.

So to ensure the future of the tool, they’ve taken over the upkeep and updates of Azure Explorer, which can now be freely downloaded from MonzaCloud.com/Azure-Cloud-Explorer/.

It’s good news for everyone. Users can still rely on it to easily browse and manipulate their Azure blob storage. We’re happy at Redgate that a tool we developed will continue to help people. And the team at Monza Cloud have plans to expand the scope of Azure Explorer with new features and integrations with the rich suite of options that AzStudio provides.

So, if you’d like an easier way to handle the scale demands of production-sized cloud datasets, download Azure Explorer from the Monza Cloud website.


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