What could sponsorship add to your usergroup, meeting or event?

Ever since Redgate was founded, we’ve sponsored user groups and events because we think it’s important communities are able to get together to learn, connect, and develop. This year alone, we’ve already supported 126 leaders, providing sponsorship to help them host meetings for communities all over the world.

Wherever they are, those user groups, meet-ups, and events have all had a common aim: to bring together like-minded professionals who want to learn and expand their knowledge, and share ideas and experiences. If you’re not connected to a community in your area, consider joining one so you can enjoy the same advantages. A quick Google search should point you in the right direction and, to get you started, here are a few links to some organisations that have worldwide membership:

Professionals at these meetings are all at different stages of their career, but what binds them together is their eagerness to learn about new techniques and develop their knowledge. Redgate welcomes the opportunity to sponsor events, and we’re happy to help support their evolution and the learning opportunities they offer.

We also like to give attendees the opportunity to find ways to solve problems with our products for Microsoft data platform professionals, which make working with Microsoft’s database and development technology ingeniously simple. Whether attendees are looking for support with common tasks like typing T-SQL faster, source controlling their database, automating database deployments, or exploring Azure, there’s a product within Redgate’s portfolio that will help. Best of all, they’re all available with free fully-functional trials.

We also have some free tools and a wealth of free resources that anyone can access at any time:

If you attend a user group or event that isn’t being supported by Redgate, suggest the organizer reaches out to us and requests sponsorship. If you’re an event organiser or group leader and you’re interested in giving away free licenses, books or swag to your members, Redgate can help. All we ask is that you share our resources with your community, so they can learn more about our software.

To request sponsorship, just complete the online sponsorship form, and then look out for an email from us with details about how we can support your community.