Free SQL Server tools

SQL Search

Search within SQL Server database schemas
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SQL Scripts Manager

Powerful, reliable, automated scripting by SQL Server experts, for the community
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DLM Dashboard

Be the first to know when any of your database schemas change
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Free Azure and .NET tools

PInvoke .NET

Visual Studio add-in for finding and contributing PInvoke signatures
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Azure Explorer

Easily browse and manipulate Microsoft Azure blob storage
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Free community tools

Redgate offers a growing number of tools that are free for personal and non-commercial use.

SQL Code Guard

Find code issues in an entire SQL Server database or a query window

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MySQL Compare

Compare schemas, highlight differences, deploy changes

Free download

MySQL Data Compare

Compare data, highlight, deploy changes

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Free content

Our community websites are brimming with free articles, advice, and discussion

A Microsoft SQL Server community of over a million DBAs, developers, and SQL Server users

A technical journal and community hub for SQL Server and .NET developers, administrators, and enthusiasts

All Things Oracle

Articles and free webinars for Oracle database developers and DBAs

Experiments from Redgate Labs

Our experimental tools are not part of a regular development cycle and are not supported

UI Sketch

Enables immediate changes to the look and feel of UI controls
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Automatically format and color SQL as you type it in your web browser
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