PASS Data Community Summit 2022 – Program Update

We’re busy planning the PASS Data Community Summit 2022 and this year’s hybrid conference has, by far, produced one of the most successful call for speakers ever.

PASS Data Community SummitThere have been an outstanding 863 sessions submitted by 516 speakers, so a huge thank you to everyone who supported and took part in the call.

As we come to the end of phase one of the selection process, we’ll soon to be heading into the program building and selection phase and we wanted to share a quick update on how things are going.

Step up the volunteers

First, we’d like to recognize the amazing group of volunteers that stepped up and dedicated their time to the 2022 PASS Data Community Summit program committee. This committee is made up of 25 volunteers who have spent hours in organizing, review, and rating all 863 sessions in a blind review that builds the basis of the selection process and will help to ensure that the selected program is well balanced. Meet the 2022 Program Committee Volunteers.

Get ready for expert, career-building content

In terms of content, we’re happy to have already announced the Learning Pathways that have been carefully curated to yield a series of focused sessions. Kudos to the industry experts and community members that we worked with to lead and build out these pathways – they’re intended to take attendees from problem to solution or provide actionable outcomes to initiate change or progress to support your day-to-day. So take a closer look at the Learning Pathways.

Look forward to the pre-cons

Additionally, we have recently completed the pre-conference selection and have sent out notifications to everyone who submitted pre-conference sessions as part of the Call for Speakers process. Keep an eye on the website as we announce the selected pre-conference sessions and speakers. If you have pre-purchased a pre-con, or a registration bundle, get ready to choose your pre-con!

What comes next?

This week we’ll be wrapping up the 6-week general abstract review, after which begins the 4-week process of building out the Summit program based on the teams’ review ratings, recent survey results, industry research, and balancing the program across the conference themes, categories, tracks, and levels. We’ll be looking to fill 205 community sessions across in-person and online sessions. Track breakdowns, which are subject to change, are as follows:

  • Analytics – 24%
  • Architecture – 18%
  • Database Management – 29%
  • Development – 15%
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – 4%
  • Professional Development – 10%

Each title and abstract are thoroughly reviewed and considered, by track teams of no less than 4 reviewers, across the following key areas:


  • Does the topic fall within the conference tracks and themes?
  • Is the topic timely and relevant?
  • Is the topic compelling and/or useful?
  • Is the target audience large enough to support the topic?


  • Is the abstract well developed with adequate detail?
  • Does the abstract define what to expect in the session?
  • Does the abstract align with the submitted pre-requisites and goals?
  • Is the abstract well written – free of advertising and typographical errors?


  • Do the abstract, prerequisites, and goals match the selected experience level?
  • Can the subject matter be presented effectively within the allotted time?
  • Would you attend this session?

All of which means you can look forward to a library of Summit content that will be informative, entertaining, valuable, and useful in your careers.

A big thank you

This year’s call for speakers has truly been one of the best, not only in terms of engagement from the community, but from the breadth and depth of the topics submitted. The review and selection process are never easy and will be especially difficult given the high-quality submissions that will make for a really valuable program for attendees of this year’s PASS Data Community Summit.

We appreciate your patience as we work through the review process and welcome any questions that you may have. Feel free to reach out to us at


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