My Git and VSCode Setup: Global Git Config, Extensions, and More (Video)

I share my Git configuration with VSCode in this 10 minute video. Short on time? Chapters, code, and links to resources are below the video.

00:00 Install Git
00:48 Global Git configuration for email, username
01:19 Demo of VSCode set as the default editor for commit messages (instead of Vim)
03:34 Global Git configuration of VSCode as default merge tool
04:18 Git settings in VSCode, for example Autofetch
05:26 GitLens extension
06:16 Reordering extensions in the left bar in VSCode
06:48 The Git Cheatsheet extension
08:25 The posh-git PowerShell module

Configure global Git preferences

Remember to modify the email address and name values at the end of the first two commands 😉