How is the database landscape changing – and how can you be the first to know about it?

State of the Database Landscape survey

The database landscape is constantly evolving, from migrating to the cloud to introducing continuous delivery with DevOps, and from incorporating Platform Engineering approaches to using Generative AI. The pace of change is also faster than ever, and it’s bringing more and more challenges with it.

But how are those changes affecting the daily work of data professionals now, and what changes are coming up that you need to know about?

To find out, we’re launching The State of the Database Landscape survey. It will reveal what’s going on, why it’s going on, and what you can do to meet the new challenges – and you can be among the first to find out what it reveals.

Be part of our survey and see how your experience compares with your peers

Since 2016, we’ve surveyed the global tech community and published The State of Database DevOps Report. From its inception, more than 10,000 IT professionals have contributed, with the resulting insights featuring in many key industry publications such as ZDnet, Computer Weekly, The New Stack, and many more.

With new challenges arising for database management and development, and emerging business needs and trends, we’re going deeper with our latest survey and exploring a range of topics:

  • Database platforms and practices
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery
  • Database security and monitoring,
  • Cloud migration
  • Generative AI
  • Platform Engineering

We’re curious to see the impact of multi-platform database environments as well as new technologies penetrating the market, such as AI and how it’s being used. Has it created tangible benefits, for example, such as teams working more efficiently, and what are the problems it brings with it?

Find out all of the answers first

database challenges - take part in the state of the database landscape surveyIf you’re interested in discovering what’s happening out there, you can receive a preview of the survey results before they’re published. Just take part in the survey to make sure you read them first. The survey runs until the end of September and we anticipate publishing the results in January.

We’re interested in hearing from developers and DBAs as well as senior management and IT leaders, and the questions have been tailored to suit all levels, regardless of your technical background.

We’re also offering $50 Amazon vouchers to five survey entrants as part of our $50 Amazon voucher competition. Terms and conditions apply – see here for more detail.

*UPDATE: The State of the Database Landscape survey has now closed. We’ve had a record number of survey entries this year and we’re now working hard on building the report which will be published in January 2024.  If you’re interested in seeing the insights earlier, we’ll be sharing some highlights in the Redgate Keynote at PASS Data Community Summit 2023.

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