Find out the real state of database DevOps

Database DevOps has been a ‘thing’ for a while now. Introducing practices like version control and continuous integration to database development reduces errors, speeds up deployments, and can help in demonstrating compliance with data protection regulations.

A measure of its increasing importance was also highlighted in DORA’s latest State of DevOps Report which, for the first time, called out database development as a key technical practice that can drive high performance in DevOps.

But what’s really happening out there? What kind of companies and organizations are introducing DevOps for the database, why are they doing it, and how are they doing it?

It’s time to find out because Redgate’s third State of Database DevOps Report has just been published. Drawing insights from over 1,000 survey participants, it highlights the growing adoption of DevOps practices for database projects, the relationship between DevOps and regulatory compliance, the complexity of implementing DevOps successfully, and the fact that cloud hosting is becoming mainstream.

Download the Report and you’ll discover the key facts behind the rise of database DevOps, including:

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  • 85% of organizations have already adopted DevOps or plan to do so in the next two years, although there is a hardcore of 15% of organizations with no plans to introduce DevOps
  • A wide range of stakeholders are involved in implementing a DevOps initiative, from IT Directors or Managers to Developers and the C-level, all of whom need to understand the benefits to be gained
  • 77% of application developers are also responsible for database development and building database deployment scripts
  • 61% of organizations think Database DevOps has a positive impact on meeting regulatory and compliance requirements, which rises to 66% among those who have already adopted DevOps
  • The use of DevOps practices like automated provisioning, version control, and continuous integration in both application and database development has increased significantly, as has the use of third-party tools
  • 50% of organizations are now taking advantage of the cloud, with 19% hosting their servers mostly or wholly in the cloud, and 31% using a combination of cloud and on-premises servers

With a foreword from Donovan Brown, Principal DevOps Manager at Microsoft, the 2019 Report provides a valuable glimpse into DevOps in general, and database DevOps in particular. Over 1,000 respondents from every industry sector and every company size across the world participated in the survey, and their responses give an insight into the challenges – and the opportunities – of adopting database DevOps.

This, however, is just a glimpse of the value the 2019 State of Database DevOps Report offers in terms of understanding how companies and organizations in different sectors are adopting DevOps for the database and the challenges they face. Download the full Report to delve into the detail.

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Microsoft’s Donovan Brown will be joining Redgate’s Steve Jones to discuss the Report and the importance of the database in DevOps in a webinar on Tuesday February 19. This is a great opportunity to hear from a high-profile DevOps expert how – and why – the database is now integral to DevOps success, so register now.

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