9 February 2015
9 February 2015

Redgate partners with DZone to release 2015 Guide to Continuous Delivery

The DZone Guide to Continuous Delivery 2015We’re excited to be a research partner for DZone’s Guide to Continuous Delivery, a premium resource focused on continuous integration and DevOps management trends, strategies, and tools.

In the Guide to Continuous Delivery, you’ll get an overview of the latest practices and how continuous delivery affects many aspects of an organization. It includes:

• Articles written by continuous integration and deployment experts
• Detailed profiles of 35+ tools and solutions
• “Continuous Delivery Maturity Checklist” that gauges where your continuous delivery skills rank
• “Continuous Delivery: Visualized” infographic that details the tools developers use at every stage of the pipeline

The DZone guide offers key insights into continuous integration and through a survey of 750+ developers and experts helps you to find out more about trends from practitioners in the community.

For those of you interested in database lifecycle management, the guide’s key takeaways also includes survey results showing the growth in adoption of continuous delivery practices for the database.

You can download a free copy of the Guide to Continuous Delivery on the DZone website.

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