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Louis Davidson

Louis is a senior data architect for the Christian Broadcasting Network in Virginia Beach. A highly experienced Microsoft SQL Server MVP, he speaks at most PASS conferences and a large number of SQL Saturday events.

He regularly contributes articles to both his own blog and Simple Talk, and has written a book on database design for each of the last five major releases of Microsoft SQL Server.

12 June 2018

12 June 2018

SQL Prompt Hidden Gems: The SSMS Results Pane

Within SSMS, when executing a query, we can view the query results in a grid, or tabular, format (Ctrl-D), as plain text (Ctrl-T), or we can write them to a plain-text reporting (.rpt) file using Ctrl-Shift-F. However, over my 20 plus years as a SQL programmer, I’ve often needed to take these results and... Read more