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Gareth Bragg

Learning from the Accelerate “Four Key Metrics”

There’s been a lot of excitement about the book Accelerate, which summarizes research from the past several years of the State of DevOps Report from DORA (which Redgate sponsors). Perhaps the most popular topic is the “four measures of software delivery performance”, sometimes called “Accelerate metrics” or simply the “four key metrics”. We’ve started... Read more

12 July 2017

12 July 2017

Are your automated tests slowing you down?

Slow, unreliable tests prevent teams doing great work, and make continuous delivery impossible. This was true for our SQL Source Control team when I started working with them. From pushing a commit to getting a complete set of tests took almost 12 hours. Then you had to rerun the raft of tests that sometimes... Read more

Who’d want to be a coach?

About a year ago, Redgate introduced a new role to support our development teams: Coaches. The idea’s simple. Our development teams are made up of software engineers and UX designers, who make great products. They can do that on their own, but many people are used to agile experts (like scrum masters or project... Read more