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Bob Walker

Bob started working on Microsoft technologies way back in the days of .NET 1.0, when ASP.NET WebForms freely roamed the earth. He founded the Code Aperture blog to share his knowledge of DLM Automation, .NET, JavaScript, software security and software design.

He is currently a Lead Application Developer at Farm Credit Services of America in Omaha, Nebraska, United States. In his free time he enjoys cycling, photography, and spending time with his wife and pets.

26 September 2016

26 September 2016

Versioning an existing database using SQL Source Control

A while ago, maintaining a reliable database change history was an ongoing problem within our development team. It seemed we were forever asking questions such as “Who made this change?”, “When was the stored procedure last edited?”, “When was this view created?”, and so on. Our initial approach was simply to store a list... Read more