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The right way to approach a legacy code base

On Friday, March 10, I attended the Working Effectively with Legacy Code workshop hosted by Michael Feathers, along with a few other members of my team. We maintain a difficult legacy code base and we were eager to do some practice and learn some useful techniques. The most important lesson I learned is that any... read more

Universal Architecture

In this post, I’d like to introduce you to the Universal Architecture idea described by J.B. Rainsberger in the podcast Unit Testability and the Universal Architecture. Everyone wants to deliver software that works and delivers value to our customers. That’s a fact! Everyone wants our software to be easy to change and maintain. That’s obvious! Unfortunately, we... read more

Mob programming – my first impression

Mob programming is an emerging agile development approach for creating software. The whole development team gets in a room and works together on the same problem, at the same time, on a single computer. I spent a full week doing mob programming with my current team and I’d like to share my impressions and... read more

Infographics: communications on steroids

I am eager to share with you some of the challenges my team faced in the last few months and how infographics helped us to solve them, optimize our internal communications, and ultimately increase our productivity. My name is Andrea Angella and I am a Software Engineer in the SQL Monitor team in Redgate Software. It’s... read more

The pleasure of Down Tools Week

I’ve just arrived home. It’s a Friday and another Down Tools Week has ended. I’m writing this post to capture my feeling in this exact moment before my emotions disappear and I start to enter the “weekend mode”. I feel very tired. It was hard work but I’m incredibly proud of what we achieved. For... read more

Book: Working Effectively with Legacy Code

Every professional developer have to deal with legacy code in the course of his career. The book Working Effectively with Legacy Code written by Michael Feathers is a must read and I really recommend it. This is a summary of the book. Michael Feather’s definition of Legacy Code: Legacy code is simply code without tests. The goal of every... read more