1 May 2018
1 May 2018

Join the leading experts in data governance and SQL Server at Redgate’s SQL Privacy Summit

The GDPR is almost here and, just one week before it’s launch, Redgate is hosting the first SQL Privacy Summit in London. The schedule of presentations, panel discussions and workshops has been created to help SQL Server professionals ensure their business meets the new data privacy and protection regulations.

On Friday 18 May, the Summit at the 5-star Grange Tower Bridge Hotel will attract a range of IT professionals including CIOs, CTOs, Data Protection Officers, Heads of IT and DBAs. All will be seeking to improve their skills and knowledge on how to ensure the protection of personal information in their databases, while minimizing the impact on business as usual.

Importantly, the Summit will feature a range of speakers from the field of data governance as well as SQL Server. So Steve Jones, the Editor of SQLServerCentral.com, for example, will be joined by Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance and a leading author on information security and data governance issues. Other notable speakers include:

  • Caroline Carruthers, co-author of The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook
  • Marco Blasio, Data Management Advisor in the Central Data Office at PermanentTSB Bank Ireland
  • Simon Sabin, data consultant and founder of SQLBits, the largest SQL Server Conference outside of North America
  • William Durkin and Eelco Drost, Co-Founders of European data consultancy, Data Masterminds

Learn about the GDPR

The two connected strands of the Summit give SQL Server professionals a unique opportunity to see where data privacy and protection issues have a direct impact on their day-to-day work. The speakers will discuss the benefits of following processes introduced in the GDPR above and beyond compliance, for example. The high risk priorities and procedures that should be in place now to ensure compliance will also be explained.

See how the GDPR directly affects SQL Server development

The most valuable part of the Summit for many attendees will be seeing how GDPR compliance affects the SQL Server world. They’ll learn how to create a durable a living record of their SQL Server estate which can be used to maintain GDPR-compliant processes, and discover how to minimize the impact of data breaches while still ensuring reliable data is available for development and testing.

They’ll also find out how meeting the obligations of the GDPR can, conversely, deliver significant business benefits because the database DevOps processes that can be used to introduce compliance are the same ones that increase the speed and reliability of database development.

Limited places remaining

The first SQL Privacy Summit is already proving to be popular among SQL Server professionals who want the latest knowledge delivered in the most accessible way.

To find out more about the event, see the speaker line-up, and book one or more of the limited places remaining, please visit the Summit registration page.

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