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DevOps – a DBA’s perspective

Earlier this year, we ran a DevOps 101 webinar in conjunction with Redgate to a predominately DBA audience. In this blog post our own DevOpsGuys DBA, Paul Ibison, gives his views on what DevOps means from a DBA perspective. Note that Paul is a SQL Server DBA, so some of the comments are specific... read more

SQL Clone and backups protected with TDE – part 2

My last article demonstrated that you can use SQL Clone to make a copy of a live database, even when that database is protected with Transparent Data Encryption (TDE). However, not everyone will want to use SQL Clone against a live database, especially a production database. Fortunately, SQL Clone allows you to build an... read more

SQL Clone and databases protected with TDE – part 1

SQL Clone is designed to make it easy to provision copies of a database for development and test environments in seconds. Often, these ‘clones’ are copies of production databases, which contain sensitive data that needs to be protected from unauthorized access. Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) is one technique that many organizations have implemented in... read more

Where’s the database in DevOps?

At the end of 2015, we interviewed James Betteley, Head of Education at DevOpsGuys about the role of the database in DevOps. James is a firm believer that DevOps is about people and processes, and that while automation tools are necessary, they are not sufficient for a team to be a DevOps team. Here’s what... read more

So what’s the real state of database DevOps?

Good question. Redgate recently ran a State of Database DevOps survey among 1,000 software professionals. The survey included developers, database administrators, and those at management level, and over half of the companies involved employed more than 500 people. I took a quick glance at the results in a recent blog post and talked about some surprising findings:... read more

DevOps for the database – the inside story

Lots of people talk about DevOps lots of the time. No surprise there. It’s seen as the route to speed up the software delivery cycle, while at the same time improving the efficiency and quality of the development process. But how many companies out there are actually doing DevOps? What are the obstacles to... read more

The why (and more importantly the how) of automated database deployment

Reliability, traceability, speed: these are the top three motivators for automating the deployment of database changes. Especially when it comes to production, there is no compromising on the level of scrutiny that may just prevent something disastrous happening in production. This need for quality has a strange effect. We talked recently to 30 teams at various stages... read more

Don’t leave your database behind

Continuous delivery brings big business benefits to application development – it’s time to give the database the same benefits, says Simon Galbraith, chief executive and co-founder of Redgate. Microsoft’s recent announcement that Windows 10 will be the last big-bang release for the operating system was a surprise to many. But what on Earth is... read more