Improving Deployment Performance Whitepaper

Improving deployment performance:

How SQL Server monitoring enhances collaboration and stability.

As the demand for more frequent deployments increases, management of SQL Server availability needs to evolve. It’s essential that there’s a constant feedback loop between development and DBA teams about the impact of deployments.

There's also a need to ensure that the operations teams have full visibility of your estate, not just your production servers. If your engineering teams have access to secure development and testing servers, deployment issues are caught before they reach production.

In this free 14-page whitepaper, you’ll learn how SQL Server monitoring can help with:

  • Maintaining availability and security at all stages of the development process.
  • Keeping visibility and communication flowing between DBA and development teams.
  • Removing bottlenecks.
  • Identifying and responding to deployment-related performance issues.
  • Keeping customers happy and their data secure.

Improving deployment performance Redgate Monitor Whitepaper

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