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The mission

To give an estate-wide overview of your databases, regardless of size or location, with fast deep-dive analysis to diagnose and resolve issues.

To empower you to monitor and optimize your entire multi-platform database estate. Providing instant problem diagnosis, intelligent and customizable alerting, and a single pane of glass that keeps pace with your growth.

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What's new


Additional PostgreSQL PaaS Monitoring

Monitoring PaaS environments including Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL


PostgreSQL High Availability Monitoring

Monitoring replication health including Patroni


Expanding Azure AD Support

Adding support for using Azure AD to connect to Azure entities


Support for SSH Keys

Allow Redgate Monitor to use SSH keys to connect to a Linux machine securely


Actual plans

See actual execution plans for SQL Server 2019 and 2022

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What's next

In development

Running on Linux

Allow Redgate Monitor’s website and base monitor to run on Linux environments

Cloud Improvements

Improved Authentication methods

Additional PostgreSQL PaaS Monitoring

Monitoring PaaS environments including Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL and Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Index information

View duplicate, unused, missing indexes and fragmentation details


Audit logs

Log of user activities in Redgate Monitor to facilitate audits

Cloud cost information

Surfacing cost information to help with cloud decisions

PostgreSQL Functionality Expansion

Allow the Redgate Monitor Repository to run on PostgreSQL environments

Mount Point Monitoring

Expanding coverage of SQL Server to cover windows mount points

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