Cloud Database Monitoring with Redgate Monitor

Redgate Monitor provides context-rich diagnostic insights to maximize cloud database health and performance while ensuring a consistent monitoring experience across your on-prem and cloud database estate.

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Why Redgate Monitor is the tool of choice to monitor cloud databases

Add context to cloud database metrics

With Redgate Monitor you get more than just raw data.

Understand performance patterns and get to the root cause of cloud database problems quickly, with a detailed graphical view of resource usage, server and user activity, alerts over time, wait statistics and more.

Consistent monitoring across all platforms

If you have a mix of cloud and on-premises database environments, SQL Monitor has you covered.

Ensure the availability, security and performance of databases hosted across a range of different platforms by monitoring them from a central, single pane of glass with a consistent approach and minimum effort.

Learn more about monitoring Azure SQL Database and Amazon RDS.

Monitor unique cloud information

Collect and monitor metrics that are specific to your cloud provider.

Monitor metrics such as DTUs or vCore quota in Azure SQL Database so you’re able to optimize your cloud service tiers and ensure adequate up-time.

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Keep your hybrid environment healthy

Are you among the 80% of organizations that use a mix of cloud and on-premises database environments?

With Redgate Monitor you get a central view of your hybrid server estates to monitor everything from local servers and virtual machines to cloud instances and services.

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Single pane of glass for your hybrid environment

Redgate Monitor provides an at-a-glance view from a central dashboard, so you get an instant picture of the health of all of your databases without having to go into different tools.

Read how PointsBet uses Redgate Monitor to monitor its entire Azure and on-premises estate

Consistent monitoring approach across platforms

Configure alerts and capture performance and behavior metrics for cloud databases in the same way as on-premises databases. This consistent monitoring approach across platforms helps you streamline your monitoring efforts to focus on your key priorities.

Compare on-premise and cloud performances

When migrating data from an on-prem server to a cloud environment, you can compare the performance in the new cloud environment with historic on-prem data.

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Inform cloud migration projects

Migrating databases to the cloud can be a daunting and time-consuming exercise. Redgate Monitor is at your side to select the right offering, avoid unnecessary hosting costs, and validate cloud database performance.

Select the right provider for your needs and budget

Redgate Monitor allows you to benchmark the performance, availability, and other relevant metrics of your on-prem servers to select a cloud provider that best fits your needs. This includes choosing the right kinds of additional support for uptime, availability, and access to your cloud-based databases to help with cost planning.

Right-size your cloud environment

Avoid unnecessary hosting costs by making an informed decision on the required CPU, memory, disk space, and more. Redgate Monitor helps you understand your bottle necks and where strategic tuning efforts will best help you achieve good performance.

Learn how TruStone Financial uses Redgate Monitor to inform cloud migrations

Validate cloud database performance

Once you've migrated your databases to the cloud, Redgate Monitor provides real-time information on the health and performance of your cloud databases, alongside your on-prem databases and servers, so you can check that they are available and running as expected. You'll receive alerts if issues arise so you can avoid downtime caused by the migration.

Redgate Monitor supported cloud providers

  • Azure SQL Server Databases logo

    Azure SQL Server Databases

    • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Azure Managed Instances logo

    Azure Managed Instances

    • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Amazon RDS logo

    Amazon RDS

    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • PostgreSQL
  • Amazon EC2 logo

    Amazon EC2

    • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Google Cloud CE logo

    Google Cloud CE

    • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Azure Elastic Pools logo

    Azure Elastic Pools

    • Microsoft SQL Server

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