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The mission

To make it as easy to deliver database changes as it is for application code changes.

Our Database Deployment development teams aim to enable companies to achieve effortless continuous delivery of database changes, mirror the application DevOps processes to speed up the software development lifecycle and avoid data being a bottleneck for innovation.

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What's new

SQL Server products

SQL Change Automation 4.3:

Graphical Interface for SQL Clone-as-baseline functionality.

Filter Changes for Import in SQL Change Automation in SSMS.

Advanced Drift Report Customization.

SQL Clone 5

Enhanced security and performance in line with Microsoft latest updates to the supported operating systems and browsers.

Oracle Products

Support connecting to Oracle databases with Oracle’s tnsnames.ora configuration file.

The "Version Control" tab in Redgate Change Control supports commit/push/pull changes and create/switch branches.

Better support for teams in Redgate Change Control by separating out the database connection information into per-user settings.

Docker versions of Redgate Change Automation, Code Analysis for Oracle, and Redgate Change Control (preview).

Ignore objects in a migrations-based pipeline.

A command line for build, test, and release as part of CI/CD processes for hybrid and migrations-based approaches, as well as command lines in support of the development experience (preview).

A hybrid model to use state for development and migrations for deployments by using Source Control for Oracle as your development source.

An updated code analysis report.

A more readable change report to easily understand how each object will be changed during a release.

Flyway 8.9 (Release notes)

We've made Flyway significantly more flexible to enable a more customized deployment experience. Custom validation rules, Environment-dependent script execution and Baseline migrations can help you to make better choices about how you deploy, and you can also execute migrations written in shell scripting languages.

We're improving how Flyway works in cloud native environments, such as Google BigQuery and Spanner.

Integrate Secrets management, sensitive data protection and ID & access control: Flyway deployments work with HashiCorp Vault, DAPR and AWS IAM.

What's next

In development

A single flexible development model

Rationalization of state-based, migrations-based or hybrid development models into a unified experience compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows.

Interested in this feature? Contact us to request "preview" access.

Virtualized cloning

Integrated virtualized database cloning capabilities to provide on-demand data delivery for development and testing within a CI/CD pipeline for Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server (already available with SQL Clone) databases.

Interested in this feature? Email us to request "preview" access.

SQL Server

Support for External Tables.

Support for Azure SQL Database for state-based experience.

Support for CREATE OR ALTER syntax in SQL Compare and state-based experience.


Undo script auto-generation

Create undo scripts and rollback packages during development to easily test rollbacks and recovery of deployments.

Deployment insights

Provide deployment insights to track key DevOps metrics by improving telemetry and interface to collate, visualize and analyze deployment data.

Interested in this feature? Email us to request "preview" access.

Support for PostgreSQL and MySQL

Introduce advanced features for database cloning, versioning, migration script auto-generation, continuous integration and repeatable deployments for PostgreSQL and MySQL. Understand how NoSQL databases such as MongoDB can best be accommodated within the solution.

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