Enabling fast and easy database migrations for high-performing DevOps teams with Flyway

To enable high performance, teams should implement a common approach to database migrations so that the database can be included in Continuous Delivery. This ‘kernel’ of Database DevOps leads to better alignment between developers and Ops teams, and increases the throughput of high quality releases.

The key for many is Flyway, a highly configurable migrations tool which enables a bespoke migrations-based deployment strategy to be created that is easy to adopt and scale across teams. Simple to set up and easy to master, it allows developers to manage migration scripts with confidence across 20 of the most common database engines through a standardized process, regardless of the platform used, and automate their sequential deployment.

By doing so, it removes the manual, time-consuming and error-prone process of deploying migration scripts and can even be integrated into a wider CI/CD release management process.

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