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The mission

To make it as easy to deliver database changes as it is for application code changes.

Our Database Deployment development teams aim to enable companies to achieve effortless continuous delivery of database changes, mirror the application DevOps processes to speed up the software development lifecycle and avoid data being a bottleneck for innovation.

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What's new

Flyway Engine version 10 (2023-11-10) (full release notes)

New features

  • Full compatibility for all databases in Flyway Community without a restriction on the age of the database engine
  • Unified flyway.toml with Flyway Desktop, which allows environment settings to be used
  • SinglestoreDB support
  • Google Cloud Spanner support
  • Full comparison support for MySQL and Maria DB
  • Use Redgate Licensing with Flyway auth
  • MongoDB preview - NoSQL migration capabilities

New features in Flyway Community

  • Info Filters
  • Script migrations
  • Callbacks: beforeEachMigrateStatement, afterEachMigrateStatement​, afterEachMigrateStatementError​, beforeConnect
Flyway Desktop (full release notes)


  • Improved version control integration
  • Static data for SQL Server and Oracle
  • Ignore invalid objects during baselining
  • GUI for editing comparison options
  • Import SQL Source Control projects
  • Import Source Control for Oracle projects
Flyway Engine version 9 (2023) (full release notes)

New features

  • Full comparison support for MySQL
  • When running the SQL*Plus '@' command, Flyway will also search 'SQLPATH' and 'ORACLE_PATH' for runnable scripts. It will also attempt to load from absolute paths
  • Added table feedback for SQL Plus
  • Added driver() method to FluentConfiguration
  • Flyway now handles defining PostgreSQL functions using BEGIN ATOMIC.
  • Add Info report. You can now get a report of an info call as a tab in a flyway HTML report
  • We have improved support for WHENEVER SQLERROR EXIT in Oracle SQL*Plus. This now works on its own and no longer needs to be followed by FAILURE or SQL.SQLCODE.
  • Add migration report
  • Adding Flyway Reports; Single file HTML reports that expose important details and stats about your Flyway pipeline in an easy to read and share format
  • Introduced a flyway-bom pom for Maven. This BOM includes all modules of Flyway which are compatible with each other to be used in Maven dependency management
  • Regex Rule code analysis results now include the line and column number of where violations occurred

What's next

In development


  • IBM2 z/OS Support
  • ClickHouse Support
  • Cassandra Preview
  • Databricks Support
  • EnterpriseDB Support

Flyway Desktop

  • Integration with Test Data Manager for dedicated development databases and dedicated databases for Git branches
  • Integration with Docker for dedicated development databases
  • Flyway Desktop in the Flyway Community Tier - Currently available in Preview; What else would you like to see in this version?
  • State-based deployments within Flyway
  • GA for flyway-dev to automate project setup, baseline and script generations

Flyway Desktop

  • Deploy rules - rules for where to apply migration scripts, e.g., only deploy this script to this environment
  • An improved experience for pulling and applying changes to development databases
  • More location options when adding migrations
  • GUI for filters
  • Full comparison support for Snowflake
  • Easier re-baseline experience
  • Static data support for PostgreSQL
  • Other NoSQL Databases

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