Database DevOps for Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL

Redgate is working to give you a simple way to create and manage your migration scripts using Flyway, the open source database migrations framework.

Using Redgate's solution on top of Flyway will give you reliable continuous delivery for your database with automatically generated migration scripts and a simple script manager, using your existing version control, continuous integration, and continuous delivery systems.

“Redgate introduces a more flexible database development approach while also improving Flyway's migrations-based deployment strategy”

Eduardo Piairo, Software Developer, Celfinet

Create a new migration in three steps

1. Select schema changes to include

2. Review and name the migration script

3. Your migration script is in place

Automate your Flyway database deployments in Octopus Deploy

1. Load the Flyway Migrate step template

2. Configure the step details

3. Deploy your Flyway database package