Join me at SQL in the City to capture the value of DevOps

I’m excited to be giving a 75-minute session on ‘Capturing the Value of DevOps’ at the upcoming SQL in the City Summits in New York City on October 12, London on October 18, and Chicago on October 26. The Summits are for C-level IT executives, directors, managers, and senior database engineers and administrators interested in learning about all things DevOps.

Why think about DevOps?

DevOps practices can help you build productive, engaged teams who constantly learn and regularly deliver value to their customers. Teams classified as high DevOps performers report greater workplace satisfaction than their peers  they avoid deployment burnout, they regularly incorporate feedback from their customers into their work, and they collaborate with partners inside the business to work toward shared goals. Studies also find them more likely to exceed business objectives.

Just wanting to “do DevOps” isn’t enough

But implementing DevOps isn’t simply a matter of being great at writing code, hiring the perfect people, or choosing the right technologies: to become a high DevOps performer, your team needs the powerful catalyst of executive support.

You might wonder: why would CEOs and CIOs care about DevOps? How do executives think about software development, and how can you speak their language to have a productive conversation about DevOps?

In this session, we will discuss the value of DevOps from the various perspectives of CEOs, CIOs/CTOs, and Managers. We will discuss why CEOs are under pressure to transform their companies digitally, in the age where Domino’s identifies itself as an eCommerce company that sells pizza. We’ll dig deeper and explore how the roles of CIOs and CTOs are undergoing a major transformation, and how DevOps aligns with that transformation.

What will I take away?

Whether you join me in New York City, London, or Chicago. you’ll leave the session with a fresh take on how to discuss DevOps with company leaders, links to cutting edge research on DevOps and leadership, and an understanding of how to effectively discuss the value of DevOps with other leaders in your organization.

Are you ready to attend, or to send a colleague?

Find out more and register for New York City and Chicago for free with the code KendraLittle. For London, get a 50% discount with the code KendraL.