New Training for Your Team on Redgate University: Learn DevOps and SQL Server for Free

I’m excited to give you a run down of fresh new online training, open to all on Redgate University.

We’ve got a great mix of courses on how to up your game with SQL Server for both database administrators and developers, as well as sessions on how to use Redgate solutions to up your database DevOps game.

This post covers a lot of learning options, so this is a good one to bookmark and share — there’s something for every database pro in your team, from beginners to experts.

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Redgate University is open for free learning, 24 x 7


1. New Redgate Courses on DevOps and Monitoring

Courses in this section require a login. Create a Redgate ID for free if you don’t already have one.

Create databases on the fly for branching and CI/CD – learn in under 10 minutes with Brian

Brian McRae has a new Redgate Uni course that teaches students how to use SQL Clone with both SQL Source Control and SQL Change Automation. He also shows how you can use Git Hooks with SQL Clone to automatically create databases on the fly when you create a new branch.

Extended Events with Custom Metrics in SQL Monitor – Learn in under 20 minutes with Kathi

Kathi Kellenberger shows you how to design your own XEvents session to use with SQL Monitor in this new bite-sized course.

Advanced Alerts and Custom Metrics in SQL Monitor – Learn in under 30 minutes with Grant

Grant Fritchey gives you even more on Custom Metrics, as well as a demo on how to automate tuning alerts with PowerShell.

SQL Change  Automation with Azure SQL Database – learn in one hour with me

My new course walks you through the steps needed to get an existing Azure SQL Database into version control, then to set up Continuous Integration and a Release Pipeline in Azure DevOps. This course is designed to support students who haven’t taken training before — previous experience with SQL Change Automation is not required.

2. Learn SQL Server in the new Data Platform section of Redgate University

TSQL For Beginners – 8 classes with me

This hands-on course starts with SELECT statements, teaches joins, group by, CTEs, Subqueries, Derived Tables and much more. While this course is targeted towards beginners, it’s also great for brushing up on  your skills — jump in at any point in the course and start from there. Scripts for the course are on GitHub.

SQL Server Reporting Services – 7 classes with Kathi

Kathi Kellenberger gets you started developing reports with SSRS, from installing the tools to creating your first report. You’ll learn to use  parameters, grouping, interactive report features, and visualizations. Files,  homework, and solutions for the course are on GitHub.

Built-In SQL Server Tools Make Query Tuning Easier – 8 classes with Grant

Grant Fritchey builds your expertise in using SQL Server’s powerful native functionality, including Query Store, Dynamic Management Views, Extended Events, and Execution Plans. Presentation code for the course is in GitHub.

DAX and Power BI – 8 Classes with Steve

Steve Jones walks through the SQL Server Central Stairway to DAX and Power BI. Follow along and learn how the DAX language works while using the Power BI Desktop application.

3. Product Training Sessions (webinar recordings)

We periodically hold live sessions giving folks a run down of what’s new in Database DevOps.

Our new Product Training Sessions page now hosts our recent recordings. Recent sessions include:

  • What’s new in SQL Monitor 10.1
  • How and When to Use the Hybrid Workflow of SQL Source Control with SQL Change Automation Migrations
  • Top 10 SQL Toolbelt Tips

What would you like to learn?

We love providing free training for the community. If there are topics you’d like to learn on, I’d love to hear about it!

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