Flyway 6.1.0 Released

Flyway 6.1.0 is out! This release contains new features and improvements over Flyway 6.0.0.


The highlights of the 6.1.0 release include:

    • Manual transaction override
    • Snowflake support
    • Machine-readable output for the info command
    • Default placeholders
    • Environment variable substitution in config files

You can find a detailed list of issues fixed in the release notes.

Manual transaction override

You can now override Flyway’s decision to wrap the execution of a script in a transaction by creating a script config file: a file which lives alongside the script and which is named by appending .conf to the script file name.

For example, to force the migration file V1__Non_transactional.sql to run outside a transaction, create a config file V1__Non_transactional.sql.conf next to it with the following contents:

This approach also works for callbacks.

Snowflake support

We now support the Snowflake database. For the time being, you’ll still need to download the driver manually when using the CLI, but we’re in touch with the Snowflake team to get permission to ship it with Flyway.

Find out more here!

Machine-readable output

You can now output JSON from flyway info by using the -json flag.

We expect to expand this to other commands over time.

Default placeholders

Default placeholders (prefixed by the flyway namespace) can now be used in migration scripts:

In addition to the two shown in the example above, you can also use ${flyway:database}.

Environment variable substitution in config files

Environment variables are now substituted in config files:

Download it now and enjoy!

You can download Flyway 6.1.0 now! We recommend you upgrade if you are affected by any of the issues logged in the release notes.

Flyway is brought to you with  by the Redgate team: Julia HaywardAlex Tercete, and Mikiel Agutu, with a lot of help from Axel Fontaine as well as the many contributors.

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