Next-gen database cloning deploying soon

Check out our updated post about our latest cloning technology, Redgate Clone, and learn how you can get involved. 

Building on the success of SQL Clone in delivering on-demand SQL Server databases for dev, test and CI, we’re working on adding support for Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MySQL databases too. As we launch our technical beta, we would like to invite you to register your interest for early access to our newest database cloning technology and input into our roadmap.

Adding support for other RDBMS is a big deal as we look to extend our market-leading Database DevOps solutions to more teams, but that’s not the only major feature.

Development teams will also benefit from being able to clone entire instances containing multiple databases delivered in containers. This takes development to the next level, providing complete database environments that can be created, versioned, deleted and refreshed in seconds. Instance-level provisioning also helps to avoid problems where small differences in the database version, configuration or test data lead to bugs being missed or hard to reproduce.

Our new technology combines database virtualization with container orchestration to provide a cloud-native-like experience whether you work on-premises or in the cloud.

The base magic that’s made SQL Clone popular is still there, each clone is an isolated, yet full, copy of a database instance requiring minimal storage. This frees developers to have their own dedicated development and testing databases so they can work without the risk of disrupting each other.

The speed at which clones are created means entire instances can be stood up automatically in CI pipelines, which is mind-blowing when you consider that a multi-terabyte database can be spun up and torn down on every run! If you’re serious about Database DevOps it’s vital that your automated tests hit real database instances. The reward is increased confidence that your migrations will successfully deploy to production. And in the case of an error, it takes seconds to provision a clone for troubleshooting, enabling you to get back on track fast.

If the challenges of providing database copies for development and testing in agile workflows are all too familiar, we’re looking for partners to help test releases and provide input into our roadmap in the lead up to launch

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