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Tugberk Ugurlu

I'm a self-motivated software guy who craves to create great software products and build effective development teams with 9 years of software development experience. I've been spreading my passion for software over the years through speaking at conferences, writing blog posts, establishing collaboration on open source projects, and authoring a book. I aim to strive for the balance required to have a stable, maintainable and architecturally-accurate software product, and being on the market fast with an iterative approach.

I work as a Technical Lead at Redgate by leading a team of Software Engineers. I am responsible for all aspects of the products delivered by the team from technical architecture to product direction. I have been also a Microsoft MVP for more than 6 years on Microsoft development technologies.

3 November 2016

3 November 2016

A behind the scenes glimpse of SQL Clone

It has always been a difficult task to provision development and test environments so that they reflect as closely as possible what’s present in production. With the rise of containerization and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) technologies, some parts of this are becoming much easier.¬†We can automate the process of spinning up and configuring new... Read more