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Jon Boardman

Applying design principles to your UX portfolio

As with any creative role, managers who are hiring for User Experience positions will often sift through a vast number of CVs and portfolios before a candidate even makes it through the door. As a potential employee it’s your job to impress, sell yourself to the company and most importantly give some insight into... read more

Combining UX and Agile for designing complex products

It seems like the UX blogosphere is awash with posts and thoughts on how to get UX and Agile to work well together. It’s a hot topic here at Redgate and was widely discussed at the local UX Cambridge event. We care a lot about the user experience of our products, so understanding how... read more

Down Tools Week – gaming around

Every 3 months at Redgate we hold our Down Tools Week (DTW), in which everyone in development stops working on their regular projects and is allowed to work on their own min-project ideas. In the UX team we saw this as an ideal opportunity to also try out some new ways of working together.... read more

What could 3D TV mean for UI designers?

I finally got round to seeing James Cameron’s new Avatar film in 3D the other day. I have to say that the 3D technology was pretty impressive and makes a big improvement to the whole movie experience. Some of the scenes really play to the 3D effect, with parts of the image (mainly pointy... read more