3 reasons why SQL in the City Summit Sydney is a must attend event for data professionals working in finance

In its 19th Annual Global CEO Survey, PwC found that over 80% of CEOs in banking are concerned about the speed of technological change, more than any other industry sector. These findings were mirrored in a survey from NewVantage Partners which found that 64.5% of the C-suite have a priority to “accelerate the speed with which new capabilities and services are deployed”.

The financial services sector is transforming. As a data professional in finance, that makes your job harder because:

  • With added pressure to deliver new services at the pace customers demand, senior management are more aware of what you’re working on and concerned about its impact on the overall business.
  • Customers have high expectations, viewing the applications and services you provide just like those from other tech providers.
  • You’re restricted by tough regulation and legacy systems which can stifle innovation.

The sessions at SQL in the City Sydney have been designed to help you tackle these challenges – with thought provoking keynotes from industry leaders, practical workshops to develop your skill set, and the opportunity to learn from peers in your industry who have faced similar obstacles.

Here are three reasons why you should attend:

1. Rapidly deliver value to your customers and end users

Software delivery is at the heart of your business’ ability to respond to customer needs and move ahead of the competition. But no matter how fast your application development team may be, its likely database changes are holding you back.

Without the right processes or tooling in place, database change management slows things down. This adds risk and uncertainty, and blocks development and operations from working together to deliver value.

At SQL in the City Summit Sydney, you will discover how a Compliant Database DevOps approach to database development helped organizations such as ANZ and UniSuper increase the speed of deployments, work leaner and quicker, add more value, and manage risk, all at the same time.

Microsoft MVPs Steve Jones and Hamish Watson join Microsoft Cloud DevOps Advocate Damian Brady, and Founder of ReadyRoll Daniel Nolan in an open panel discussion to cover what you need to know before launching a DevOps initiative, and how you can extend this to include the database.

2. Safeguard against data breaches and stay compliant

Unlike in some sectors, compliance with regulatory requirements isn’t optional in finance. But according to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC), Australia’s finance sector is the vertical most likely to attribute a data breach to hacking. Of the 91 data breaches attributed to hacking between February 22 last year and June 6 this year, 17 occurred in the finance and/or superannuation sector.

At the SQL in the City Summit in Sydney, you will learn how managed processes help simplify APP, SOX, and GDPR compliance by enabling high-quality software to be delivered while protecting business critical data.

In Steve Jones’ session Strategies for solving compliance challenges, you’ll learn about the challenges that we, as technology professionals, face in software development and administration. Steve will also cover strategies for reducing your attack surface area by ensuring you know where sensitive data is located and avoid copying that data to non-production environments.

3. Remove the database bottleneck in software delivery

Discover how adopting database continuous integration, continuous delivery, and shift-left testing allows your development and operations teams to synchronize database and application delivery. This also helps you resolve issues early, deploy quickly and frequently, and optimize agility and performance across the full software lifecycle.

By the end of the day, you will understand how to implement a consistent, scalable, and repeatable process to keep application and database development in sync.

Throughout the day, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss common challenges you face as a data professional in financial services, meet with your Australia-based Redgate Account Manager to understand how to address these challenges in your organization, and network with like-minded professionals while hearing from industry leaders

If your FY20 initiatives include delivering value to your customers and end users, staying compliant, safeguarding against data breaches, and speeding up your software delivery process, SQL in the City will arm you with the knowledge, tools, and practical advice needed to achieve all four and more.

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