Extend DevOps processes to SQL Server databases with ReadyRoll
and Visual Studio

  • Prevent the database being a bottleneck to delivering value quickly
  • Automate the deployment of database changes with precision and control
  • Manage database changes alongside application changes for a single source of truth
  • Integrate with existing build and release tools including VSTS and TFS
  • Best of both migrations- and state-based approaches to database deployments

ReadyRoll comes in two editions

New ReadyRoll Core Edition is available in Visual Studio Enterprise 2017.

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ReadyRoll Pro gives you more advanced, precise control over database deployments.

If you’re already using ReadyRoll Core Edition, select 'Upgrade' in the tool to try ReadyRoll Pro for 28 days.

Not using Visual Studio Enterprise 2017?

You can still try ReadyRoll Pro as part of the SQL Toolbelt.

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“ReadyRoll is fantastic. Saves us a lot of time and makes our release process consistent and repeatable.”

John Adams, Database Developer, TrueBlue Inc

Bring predictability and control to deployment time

ReadyRoll’s migrations-driven approach means you can be confident that database changes are developed and tested early in the lifecycle, added to version control and remain immutable from development all the way through to production.

Scripts get a sequential number, so you can be sure that what you deploy is exactly what you intended and in the correct order.

Bring predictability to deployment time
First class Visual Studio integration

First class Visual Studio integration with ReadyRoll

Without leaving Visual Studio, you can pick up and edit scripts from other team members, even if their database changes have been scripted in SSMS. The version control system you’re connected to via Visual Studio handles merging for you, and you can even kick off builds.

Integrate with build and release tools, including VSTS and TFS

Integrate ReadyRoll with your continuous delivery pipeline. Trigger builds whenever you commit, and use the build artifacts to deploy changes to all your environments.

ReadyRoll also uses MSBuild and has an extension in the VS Marketplace to make setting up database builds and releases in VSTS/TFS easy. You can preview your database upgrade script and get a summary, and with ReadyRoll Pro get a diff report of database changes too.

Integrate with build and release tools, including VSTS and TFS
Save time and cut errors

Reduce time spent coding T-SQL change scripts

Auto-generate SQL migration scripts with ReadyRoll to reduce time spent coding SQL by hand.

ReadyRoll’s migration scripts are generated by the SQL Compare engine, the industry standard for comparing SQL Server database schemas. Use the migrations scripts as they are, or edit them in Visual Studio before sharing them.

Test your changes before they hit production

Verify your migration scripts with ReadyRoll before deploying your database changes to production.

ReadyRoll can test your script to identify SQL Server errors, such as missing dependencies or invalid code, before the script is deployed for real.

You can also use ReadyRoll Pro to manage schema drift and prevent unexpected deployment issues.

Test your changes before they hit production
Easy to work with code-based objects

Team-friendly database development

ReadyRoll Pro makes it easy for teams to work together on database changes.

The Offline Schema Model means you can access a read-only view of your database content at the object level. This makes it simple to perform audits of a team’s changes made over time.

The Programmable Objects feature also saves time when working with code-based objects, such as stored procedures, triggers or views. ReadyRoll Pro extracts these objects into re-runnable script files and adds them to source control. Multiple developers can then edit objects concurrently through branching and merging.

How is ReadyRoll Pro different to SSDT Database Projects?

SSDT Database Projects takes a purely state-based approach to database deployment, in contrast to ReadyRoll Pro’s migrations-first approach. This makes SSDT Database Projects a useful solution for simple, infrequent database changes, but if you want to make regular database changes with the support for more complex schema changes, try ReadyRoll Pro. Find out why in ReadyRoll Pro’s FAQ.

FeaturesCore EditionPro
Write a migration script for a database change
Auto-generate migration scripts – powered by SQL Compare
Customize auto-generated migration scripts
Verify migration scripts locally
Deploy database migrations during a VS build
Organize migrations for easier branching/merging and navigation (Semantic versioning)
Pre/post deployment scripts
Extensions for build and release tools including VSTS, TFS, and Octopus Deploy
Work quickly and efficiently with code-based objects e.g. stored procedures (Programmable Objects feature)
Offline Schema Model for object-level history
Include static data alongside schema changes
Customize schema and data comparison options
Customize schema comparison filters
Generate a diff report of database changes
Generate a schema drift report
Generate a schema drift correction script
Easy deployment of CLR database objects
Supported technologiesCore EditionPro
Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise edition
SQL Server 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2005
Azure SQL Database
Visual Studio 2015 – all editions
Technical SupportCore EditionPro
Community support via forums, documentationFull Redgate support:
email, telephone, forums, documentation

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