Continuous integration and automated deployments for your SQL Server database

SQL Change Automation extends your application development processes so you can automate your database delivery too. You get instant feedback on your code changes, get the exact script you need for release automation, and, when you’re ready, you can deploy to production with confidence.

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SQL Change Automation is a capability of Flyway Enterprise

The solution for database deployment automation that helps accelerate software delivery and ensure quality code.

Automate your database change management process

SQL Change Automation completes your database delivery process by building, testing, and deploying the database changes you and your team check into version control.

You get a fast, reliable way to check and deploy your database changes, and because SQL Change Automation plugs into the build and deployment tools you use for your application, you get more out of your existing infrastructure.

With database automation in place, you're freed up from manual database change management tasks, like sorting out deployment scripts, and can focus on more value-added work instead.

Built-in review steps ensure that your releases are production ready, the risk of database deployment problems is reduced, and you can start delivering updates to your customers as frequently as you like.

See what's new in SQL Change Automation version 4

Learn how teams can now use SQL Change Automation version 4 for collaborative database development across both Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio.

How SQL Change Automation improves your database and development process

Catch bugs and speed up database development with continuous integration

  • Verify the structure of your database, confirm your changes can be deployed, and test your work with realistic data.
  • Create tested packages that you can deploy with your CI or release management system, all in one process.
  • Check how many statements in your database code are executed when you run your tests using SQL Change Automation with SQL Cover.

Automate your deployments safely with built-in review steps

  • Generate SQL scripts that safely automate database deployment, for use with your CI or release management system.
  • Get a full rundown of SQL Server changes, including a summary and a diff report.
  • Provide your operations team with an optional review step before deploying changes to production.

Extend the systems you use to build and deploy your applications

  • Make more of your existing build and release management tools with SQL Change Automation add-ons or PowerShell integration.
  • Choose from one of the free add-ons available for Visual Studio Team Services, Team Foundation Server, Octopus Deploy, TeamCity and SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Use SQL Change Automation PowerShell cmdlets to integrate with any build or deployment tool or create your own customized workflow.
  • Integrated with SQL Clone to set up new projects in seconds using production-like data and easily branch your database in Git.

Use as part of Flyway Enterprise to complete your database delivery process

  • Trigger an automated build when you check changes into version control with SQL Source Control in SQL Server Management Studio, or via the SQL Change Automation Visual Studio extension.
  • Set up new projects in seconds, test your changes, and easily branch your database in Git using production-like data with SQL Clone.
  • Customize automation pipelines by using the SQL Compare command line or Docker container for creation of rollback scripts.

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SQL Change Automation works with any build or release tool that can run PowerShell

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Key features

Speed up your testing cycle

SQL Change Automation syncs your test and development environments automatically, so test is always up to date and your testing cycle becomes much faster. If you have tSQLt tests (such as static analysis tests, unit tests, or integration tests), SQL Change Automation runs them for you as part of your CI process.

Use standard Microsoft NuGet packages to test and deploy

SQL Change Automation uses Microsoft NuGet packages to test and publish your database. The NuGet package manager is free and open-source, so there are no hidden costs. And because it comes from Microsoft, there's first-class support for .NET and SQL Server.

Deploy static data

Artifacts built with SQL Change Automation have full support for data changes, and you can include static data.

Review and approve database changes in your release tool

SQL Change Automation includes a review step that integrates with your deployment tool. You can check the script, get a full report on the differences, and see warnings if there's any chances of data loss.

Get the exact script you need for SQL release automation

When you're ready to deploy, SQL Change Automation generates a script to update your databases. You can run it straight away, save it for later review, or add it to your release management tool.

Support for state-based and migrations-based approach

SQL Change Automation lets you choose between a state-based approach for simple changes, and a migrations-based approach for complex changes. Find out more.

Built with SQL Compare - used by 71% of the Fortune 100

SQL Change Automation uses the world's most trusted technology for SQL Server database changes: SQL Compare. It's the industry standard for synching and deploying SQL Server databases, used by 30,000 organizations. You can count on efficient deployments with zero errors.

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