Add-ons for your build and release systems

If you already work with Octopus Deploy or VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services), our add-ons make it really easy to integrate ReadyRoll with your existing set-up.

You can also perform deployments with ReadyRoll using PowerShell, T-SQL scripts, or MSBuild, making it possible to integrate into any build or continuous integration system, such as Team Foundation Server, TeamCity, Jenkins, or Bamboo.

Octopus Deploy

Use this customized step template to deploy reviewable database changes with Octopus Deploy. Copy from the Octopus Deploy Library to your deployment server.

Visual Studio Team Services

Improve how you build and release database changes with custom ReadyRoll tasks and extended build results, including a preview of the database upgrade script and a summary and diff report of the database changes. Install from the Microsoft Visual Studio marketplace.