Make .NET performance problems a thing of the past

Download your free copy of Practical Performance Profiling by MVP Jean-Philippe Gouigoux, and learn all the performance profiling techniques you need to write the best possible code.

The book includes 3 chapters of examples using real code and ANTS Performance Profiler, so grab a free trial to work through the book as you read.

1. Free eBook: Practical Performance Profiling

Practical Performance Profiling cover
  • Covers theory and practice for analyzing and improving .NET code performance
  • 269 pages of screenshots and worked examples for client-side and server-side profiling
  • Focuses on the 20% of code defects that account for 80% of performance loss
  • Explains how to diagnose and correct performance bottlenecks

2. Work through your eBook with the profiler

ANTS Performance Profiler boxshot
  • Free trial of ANTS Performance Profiler, as used in Practical Performance Profiling
  • Follow through Jean-Philippe's examples as you read the book
  • Identifies performance bottlenecks in minutes, highlights slow lines of code, and provides line-level timings
  • Profiles .NET, SQL and File I/O activity for a complete picture of application performance

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