Find out what the teams are developing, and check out what’s new in SQL Data Catalog

The mission

Identify and classify the sensitive data in your business

Reducing the need for additional resource allocation for data discovery by significantly accelerating data classification. Standardize data processes, inform remediation activities and protect your business

What's new


We've created new PowerShell scripts and made it easier to discover and use them with better documentation and worked examples

Data Masking

We have improved integration with data masker


You can now set permisions for multiple users, these include full permissions, read-only access

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What's next

Efficient classification

We’re looking into ways to make classification easier with improved filters and overviews to help you identify the data to classify quicker

Reporting (Researching)

With SQL Data Catalog you can already export your classification data as a CSV file, we’re looking into other ways to report and share insights from SQL Data Catalog

Taxonomies (Researching)

Understand out of the box taxonomies and rules – reducing friction getting started

Further resources


Practical steps for end-to-end data protection

If you plan to make production data available for development and test purposes, you'll need to understand which columns contain personal or sensitive data, create a data catalog to record those decisions, devise and implement a data masking, and then provision the sanitized database copies. Richard Macaskill show how to automate as much of this process as possible.

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Get started with short videos and documentation

Watch this course and learn how to use SQL Data Catalog to classify data across your SQL Server estate, ensuring that the correct data is protected – in the correct way – allowing you to focus investment on the more critical areas.

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“SQL Data Catalog supplies the traction we need to improve data management practices across the enterprise.”

Kirk Hughes, SQL Database Administrator, SAGA Group Plc

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