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SQL Clone 2

Version 2 of SQL Clone allows you to:

  • Create templates containing T-SQL scripts to run on clone creation to customize databases for different teams, environments or purposes and set clone-specific permissions and configuration
  • Run data masking sets, created in Data Masker for SQL Server
  • Run T-SQL scripts during the image creation to make modifications to the image such as mask data, change permissions or change configuration data
  • Specify where images are stored
  • Support FILESTREAM data
  • Manage who has access to SQL Clone by assigning role based permissions
  • Clone databases up to 64 TB. This means you can create images and clones just like before but with larger databases
  • Create images from differential backups (note: this requires both the full and differential backup files to be entered)
  • Use the PowerShell cmdlets for databases up to 64 TB (note: any older v1 cmdlets will need to be upgraded using the latest installer from the PowerShell page under settings)