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.NET Profilers – Early Access Program release

FEBRUARY 2017 UPDATE: Support for .NET Core projects has now been fully released, and the functionality is available in our profilers. If you’re a current user, you can enable it by checking for updates. If you’re a new user, you can download a fully-functional 14-day free trial. We’ve just released beta support for .NET... read more

ANTS Performance Profiler 9.5 and ANTS Memory Profiler 8.10 released

We’ve just released ANTS Performance Profiler 9.5 and ANTS Memory Profiler 8.10! You can download the new versions of our .NET profiling tools by following the links, or read more about their enhanced features right now. Performance was a big focus during these releases. In particular, we’ve improved performance when drawing the call tree... read more

It’s time to share your top .NET performance optimization tips

You’ve probably been there. There’s an issue with the performance of your .NET application, you don’t know what’s causing it, a deadline is looming, and you turn to a performance profiler to help. You resolve the problem, move on, and you’re thankful you saved the day. Now you can save the day for another... read more